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Coming soon… a new drop-in advocacy service!!!

ViVAsPro is very happy to announce that we are setting up a FREE drop-in advocacy service for deaf and disabled people!

Who is it for?

The drop-in advocacy service is for any deaf or disabled people who are looking for help to understand letters and emails, need someone to talk to about a problem you have, or if you want to learn skills in a friendly and supportive environment that will help build your confidence. If this sounds like something you need, this is the place for you! We know how hard it can be deaf and disabled to get access to free and impartial advice so we want to be the place what this can happen!

What is the aim?

Rita Mahtani, a case worker for ViVAsPro, says:

“I want to set up a drop-in advocacy service as I don’t want deaf and disabled people to be isolated and unable to be independent. By talking to myself or another advisor, they will be supported to understand information that is relevant to them so they gain independence, learn something new, and they feel relieved and free from stress at the end of the day. I want the client to feel that they have received a great service from us.”

When does it start

We will let you know the full details (time/start date/venue) very soon, but we aim to start mid-April.

We hope you can come, learn something new, and have fun!

ViVAsPro Halloween Expo Party 2016

halloween-4thViVAsPro would like to thank all for attending ViVAsPro Halloween Expo party on 21st October 2016, where the creative projects of students who’d undertaken various arts and crafts courses were displayed. A truly impressive display of work.

vivas-pro-halloween-eventThe art and craft courses with VivasPro proved a great success. Courses included flower arranging, jewellery making, sewing, leatherwork and painting, ranging from 2-10 weeks. The groups are small, enabling more time with the tutor. Feedback from students was positive. The course content was enjoyed and the schedule worked well for parents on the courses.

The courses were a mix of beginners and experienced creatives, some having physical and learning disabilities. All students successfully completed their courses. A huge congratulations to all.

halloween 3rd.jpgDuring the courses, the students were set a challenge to create with a Halloween twist. Their ghoulish gifts and spooky inspirations included flower arrangements resembling witches, haunting pain

tings and pumpkin handbags. All work was displayed at the Halloween Expo party where students were awarded certificates and appreciation shown for their efforts. Their work went down a Treat!


More courses are planned, which we will announce soon.



Visit ViVAsPro at the 6th Deaf Christmas Business Showon 10th December 2016, 5-10pm at St Luke Centre, 90 Central St, London, EC1V 8AJ. Entertainment includes a Laurel and Hardy Deaf Drama, a Deaf DJ, Santa’s Grotto.


At the Christmas show you will see ViVAsPro and their annual exhibition of a
ll students handiwork. This is last chance to see students’ work before we release it to auction. The money raised will be used to fund future courses. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Unsold handiwork will go home with the students. To book tickets for the event text 07545 257916 or email or visit

FREE Flower Arranging Courses starting NOW

Arra -Flower-

VivasPro is very happy to announce that our FREE course in Flower Arranging will be starting this Friday. Details are:

When? Friday 15th July 2016

Time: 10am – 3pm.

Where? Trinity Centre, East Avenue, Manor Park, London E12 6SG

You are all welcome to come and learn a new skill, meet new friends and have some fun!

If interested please fill in this online form to register:


Any more Information text Rita +44 7870 663705
Facetime: 07870 663705

Harrow United Deaf Club’s International Festival


VivasPro was very happy to be involved in last Saturday’s event at Harrow United Deaf Club’s International Festival day.  The event was a great success and was a fantastic experience for the VivasPro team on the day.

Lots of people came to our stall! There was a great deal of interest in our FREE courses for D/deaf/disabled people. The FREE courses include Sewing, Leather-work, Jewellery-Making, Flower-Arranging and Art.  Many D/deaf people didn’t know about these wonderful FREE workshops which are organised and run by Vivas Pro and their Deaf trainers and teachers.


We brought examples of the Leather and Jewellery items the D/deaf  learners from the workshops have made. We showed these on our stall.  All the leather goods and jewellery pieces are unique and beautiful.  They were created and designed by D/deaf people.  Many people at the festival were really interested in our stall and wanted to join VivasPro’s free workshops.

If you’re interested in any of our FREE Sewing, Leather work, Jewellery-making, Flower Arranging or Art workshops: please do contact VivasPro 07793242790 (text only) or email:  We would love to hear from you.


Arts Expo Cocktail Party

VivasPro Art Expo Cocktail 01Come and enjoy viewing the work of the Vivas Pro Arts and Crafts group in a sophisticated and trendy venue! The learners of VivasPro will showcase their work.
Friday 1st JULY 2016 6pm-9pm on Friday
Stour Space, 7 Roach Road, Fish Island, London, E3 2PA

The students will proudly present their work, and you will have a chance to see a display of some unique art-pieces in Leather-work, Sewing and Jewellery-making. You will have a chance to learn more about the courses, inquire about availabilities or simply enjoy the viewing and celebrate the achievements’ of c current learners.
The Tickets are £5 and include wine and snacks.

For more info please send a message or text 07793242790
Dress code: Smart

If you are interested, you must BOOK a place by emailing and buy ticket £5 for the show. Do not miss it!!
We will announce soon where you will be able to make reservation.

Confirm Facebook Event:


VivasPro – at TERRA’s Planet DeaFantastic Expo – 30 April 2016

VivasPro was at TERRA’s 2nd Planet DeaFantastic Expo on Saturday 30 April 2016. It was a great day – hundreds of D/deaf and disabled people of all ages came! The event was packed with people who visited all the stalls and enjoyed the presentations and performances.

VivasPro took the opportunity to book a stall at the Expo to promote our services and raise awareness of abuse and the issues facing vulnerable people. At the Expo VivasPro gave a presentation to a large audience. We explained that VivasPro can provide support, advice, guidance, information, advocacy, referrals and education/training opportunities to vulnerable people as well as social opportunities/ activities and awareness raising.

Over 200 people came to the Expo so VivasPro was very pleased to be able to reach such a large number. Many people visited the VivasPro stall for more information either for themselves, their friends or their families. They left feeling confident VivasPro could help them and that everything they discussed with VivasPro would be completely confidential.


VivasPro presentation at TERRA’s Planet DeaFantastic Expo


VivasPro’s stall at the EXPO.


VivasPro is proud to say that our free Arts and Crafts courses started in April 2016.

Funded by the Arts Council, the courses are aimed at deaf, disabled and disadvantaged people. They are also open to anyone who has experienced abuse. The courses were organised by VivasPro’s because we are committed to giving vulnerable people opportunities to learn, grow and develop as well as socialise, build confidence, learn a new hobby or skill and have some fun!

So far the Jewellery-making, Sewing and Leather-work courses have been fully booked. We have 3 deaf/disabled tutors teaching these courses (all 3 are very talented!). The students have been learning many new and interesting things. For example:

  • Sewing – students have learnt how to measure clothes, stitching and how to sew a hem (the part around the edge of clothes). This is useful because the students can now repair their own or their family’s clothes at home – no need for expensive tailors!

20160427_122625Students learning clothes making with the deaf/disabled teacher

  • Jewellery – students have been learning how to make jewellery with beads and how to connect jewellery pieces with hooks or clasps. The students are doing really well. They have great imaginations and they have made some beautiful pieces.

01Students engrossed in jewellery making. The teacher is deaf.

  • Leather-work – The students have been learning about the history of leather and how it has evolved since 1300 BC! They have also started cutting leather and planning their own leather piece – a bag or wallet.



Feedback from students about VivasPro’s courses:

“I love learning about leather”

“The teachers have been really supportive and inclusive”

“I definitely want to continue this as a hobby when the course finishes”

“We all enjoyed creating our own jewellery. I want to start my own jewellery business, like the teacher’s business”

“Access and communication were easy so I felt comfortable. It helped my confidence”

“I met new friends on my course. We plan to meet for drinks after the course”

“It’s been a great experience. I would recommend these courses to everyone”


Making a new social group and new friends on the VivasPro courses

The students and teachers have been assisted by interpreters or support workers as needed. Everyone involved has been very positive about the courses and we look forward to hearing about the students’ progress and achievement in the next few weeks!

Parallels Presence Builder

Source: Parallels Presence Builder

VivasPro at CHOICE in HACKNEY ON 5 June 2014

The event the Choice Hackney organised was a nice friendly environment. The building was very pleasant and the people were very nice. It also helped that the representative from VivasPro had 2 BSL interpreters to assist with communication. There were between 80 to 100 people present and this made for good networking and made raising the profile of Vivas Pro very straight forward.

There were many people with a great variety of disabilities present and also a large number of very diverse support organisations. We met people who were wheelchair bound, others with learning difficulties, and a few who were blind. It was a pleasure to see them and was impressive that they had had the confidence to come.

There were NHS clients at the meeting who were assisted by volunteers. These people definitely need more help but there was deficiency. Some had no care at all and kept saying the same thing that now there seemed to be no money to be spent on care. there no money. Many did not know how to obtain funds and access help it and it was apparent that some staff were in the same position. Some stated that there was often a delay in getting the care they required and others simply gave up trying!

All disability groups are competing for the little funding that is available and are continually being put off by the complexity and often failure of their requests. This has left them feeling, depressed,dejected and disillusioned.

In relation to the deaf community, there are a number of communication issues within the NHS. Often when making appointments staff neglect to book a BSL interpreter. Sometimes new staff do not know how to book interpreting support and ,even if an interpreter has been arranged, they fail to arrive. This problem is intensified at Accident and Emergency when expedience is paramount. This all adds to, what is usually, a very distressing time for deaf patients.

When in hospital patients find there is a large staff turnover. There is also an inconsistency in treatment. This makes patients feel very unsettled as they cannot relate to one individual nurse or doctor. They find that their note are either recorded badly or have been misplaced. If they complain they find that there concerns are simply ignored.

For physically disabled people they find they are not supported around their mobility needs. This includes transport but can be as simple as trying to get the correct walking equipment. Maybe they require a lift or wheelchair ramp, but many who cannot bend down, just need a reaching aid. When they try to get even simple things they get pushed from pillar to post with departments and organisations all abdicating responsibility.

Some would love to be more ambulant, either walking in the park, or by accessing sport activities. Others would like to become more involved in the community by joining social clubs or groups which share their interests. Those in the education arena find they are marginalised and need more support in the classroom. They need to feel more included in all areas of life.

These are all things that are being recommended by the Health Department as it is generally understood that medication is not the only way to improve health and increase everyone’s quality of life.

Social interaction which can take place anywhere, at clubs or maybe spending time with friends and family, is a fundamental human need. Playing games can stimulate the mind and increase their knowledge. Mixing with other disabled people, of which this event is a good example, leads to a shared knowledge and increased awareness of organisations, support, legislation and current issues affecting the diverse disabled community. It can forge new alliances between groups which felt alone therefore giving great political strength to campaign for shared rights.

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